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You can download today the PDF file. Tomorrow you will also have access to the mobi and the epub files for free!

We are really proud to publish this issue with fiction by Thomas Olde Heuvelt (Netherlands), Francesco Verso (Italy) and Manual Alves (Portugal), news (the new Around the World Column with an  ISF Alumni department by Nas Hedron), interviews (At Home in the Wasteland: The Art of Sergi Brosa  by Saul Bottcher), reviews (The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2005-2010 by Sean Wright) and articles (Social Science Fiction by Hunter Liguore)!

Please download it and let us know what you think of this issue!

Good readings!

Roberto Mendes

Editor in Chief



EUROPA SF – The European Science Fiction Portal

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There is an exciting new site already on-line, that seeks to gather information and publish news, reports from events and articles about European Science Fiction. I am part of the Europa SF Team, together with Ahrvid Engholm (Sweden), Antuza Genescu (Romania), Aleksandar Ziljak (Croatia), Cristian Tamas (Romania), George Sotirhos (Greece), Jan van’t Ent (Holland), Juhan Habicht (Estonia), Lina Kulikauskienė (Lithuania), Marian Truta (Romania), SFmag.hu (Hungary)
and Sven Kloepping  (Germany).

This site is an European platform dedicated to all SF communities in Europe.

We have already published a number of articles about SF in Lithuania, Hungary, German and more.

As a part of the first editorial explains: “Essentially, this is where things stand currently in Europe: we have no idea what other European communities do. This may sound a tad categorical, but we must admit that to take the pulse of the SF communities in our neighbouring countries is not an easy task to fulfil. What new authors have been published in one country or another? What SF&F events are taking place in one country or another? What conventions will be held on our continent in the near future? And so on…”

And continues:

“EUROPA SF wants to bring the members of the European fandom together to build a continental-scale data network. Editors, writers, fans, anyone with an interest in SF will be able to see what is happening in any European country and will inform, in turn, the entire SF community about their own major conventions.

In time, EUROPA SF will be able to initiate cross-border and even continental events. There is no need to stress the significance of information exchanges, we all know how important these are within and among communities.”

You are invited to take part in a project that we consider more than necessary: the building of a European platform dedicated to all SF communities in Europe.

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New ISF Article – Science Fiction in Croatia by Aleksandar Žiljak

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The ISF is proud to present an overview of Science Fiction in Croatia, written by Science Fiction and Fantasy writer and illustrator from Zagreb, Aleksandar Žiljak .

The Editor in Chief:

Roberto Mendes

Science Fiction in Croatia

Aleksandar Žiljak

Translated into English by the Author.

1. The Beginnings

Although the elements of fantastic and speculative (as far as science in the modern sense is concerned) in the Croatian literature can be traced back to the years immediately before and after World War I (for instance, the novel Crveni ocean (The Red Ocean, 1918/1919) by Marija Jurić – Zagorka and the story “Red Tank” by Vladimir Nazor), it is generally agreed today that the first true Croatian SF novel was Na Pacifiku 2255. (On the Pacific in 2255) byMilan Šufflay, first serialised in 1924 and re-issued in a book-form in 1998.

In 1932, Mato Hanžeković published Gospodin čovjek (A Man of Rank), a utopia about a group of people rebuilding the civilisation destroyed in a new world war. Even more novels and stories appeared inZagreb during the 1920s and 1930s, mostly by authors using pen-names, initials, or altogether omitting to sign themselves.

Claimed by some authorities to be the best are Muri Massanga (1927) by Mladen Horvat, and a series of novels by Aldion Degal (a pseudonym of Josip Smolčić): Atomska raketa (The Atomic Rocket), Zrake smrti (The Death Rays) and Smaragdni skarabej (The Emerald Scarab), all dating from early 1930s.

Also worthy of mention is the novel Majstor Omega osvaja svijet (The Omega Master Conquers the World) by Stan Rager, serialised in 1940. Stan Rager was a pseudonym used by Stanko Radovanović and Zvonimir Furtinger (whom we’ll encounter later) writing in tandem. Very little is known of these texts today, most of them being serialised in newspapers and magazines. They are seldom available and they need to be more thoroughly studied and critically evaluated. The same goes for some proto-SF works dating as far back as the Renaissance.

Better appreciated are the early Croatian SF comics from the 1930s. The first-ever was Gost iz svemira (The Guest from Outer Space) by Božidar Rašić and Leontije Bjelski, published in 1935 in Zagreb, and followed by Krešimir Kovačić’s and Andrija Maurović’s Ljubavnica s Marsa (The Mistress from Mars) and Podzemna carica (The Underground Empress).

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