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Third Part of the Short (Hi)Story of Romanian Speculative Fiction by Cătălin Badea-Gheracostea

In Article on September 4, 2012 at 9:16 pm

Dear ISF readers,

Have you read the first two parts of the “Short (Hi)Story of Romanian Speculative Fiction” by Cătălin Badea-Gheracostea? No? Then just click here and here to read it, you will not regret it, I promisse!

And if the answer to our previous question is “yes”, then let’s continue our jorney and learn more about Romanian Speculative Fiction:

Short (Hi)Story of Romanian Speculative Fiction

told for strangers, aliens and secluded scholars


Cătălin Badea-Gheracostea


(Third Part of the Article)

A Last Breath Before Dying

I cannot end my case study without letting you know my favourite sequence from Dan Doboş writing. It is at the end of The Abbey’s first volume. It shows how Dan Doboş prepares in hundreds of pages only one page. It is the death of a super-soldier, super-man, super-intelligence, the death of Rimio de Vassur, the imperial quint sent by Read the rest of this entry »


ISF Interviewer – Cristian Tamas

In Interview on June 11, 2012 at 10:51 am

The ISF Team continues to grow in quantity and quality! Cristian Tamas, from Romania, is the official interviewer for the ISF site and magazine. You can expect great interviews to international authors, as well as to scholars, literary critics, editors, promoters and fans.

Cristian Tamaș is a romanian essayist, translator and SF fan active within the speculative fiction domain since the 80s.

He was founding member of the Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society (SRSFF = Societatea Română de Science Fiction& Fantasy, www.srsff.ro/)  in January 2009, and coordinated the ProspectArt, the SRSFF’s SF club relaunched in April 2009 in Bucharest (Romania),  and the yearly Ion Hobana Colloquium.  He is a member of the Ion Hobana and a SRSFF’s jury Awards.

He is also Editor of  „Bella Proxima”, a trilingual croatian SF anthology, together with Antuza Genescu and Aleksandar Žiljak (Eagle Publshing House, Bucharest, 2012).

He had interviewed David Brin, Prof. Rachel Haywood Ferreira (Division Head of the International Fantastic division of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, Iowa State University, USA ; research focus is Latin American science fiction), Prof.Arielle Saiber (Bowdoin College, USA; research focus : italian science fiction), Mariano Martín Rodríguez (SF scholar, Spain), Alexandre Babeanu (Solaris awarded canadian SF author), Ugo Bellagamba (french SF author awarded with Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire & Prix Rosny ), and Judit Lörinczy , an interview that will be published in the first number of ISF magazine (hungarian SF author).

In his words, he joined ISF because:

“International Speculative Fiction is an important project for all involved parties within the non-anglophone SFF field, I wish it will have a lot of success, fully deserved due to it’s amplitude, generosity and originality.”

Thank you very much Cristian, and welcome to the team!

New ISF Article by Cătălin Badea-Gheracostea – “Short (Hi)Story of Romanian Speculative Fiction”

In Article on May 7, 2012 at 6:04 pm

The ISF is proud to present a series of articles by Cătălin Badea-Gheracostea called “Short (Hi)Story of Romanian Speculative Fiction”.
This great pamphlet of Romanian Speculative Fiction was presented in Croatia, during the Eurocon 2012, and aims to “raise awareness, to inform and to be liked”. Starting off today, we will present the full pamphlet in a series of chapters, published once a week.

Roberto Mendes

ISF Editor in Chief


Short (Hi)Story of

Romanian Speculative Fiction

told for strangers,

aliens and secluded scholars


Cătălin Badea-Gheracostea

 The Reassess before The Start

It is the Romanian way of doing things, or at least we like to consider it so, to ponder right at the beginning of an endeavour, in the very moment when others would say “Go!”. In other words, we shall start this run through Romanian Speculative Fiction with a “Stop!”. I believe it is not only a matter of style, of national identity, but this will help the reader enter the right frame of mind for the journey he or she will take with us.

There are three purposes of this pamphlet and all can be better fulfilled if all are taken simultaneously into consideration. The first is to raise awareness, the second is to inform, the third is to be liked. A pamphlet has some liberties that an academic paper has not and in these liberties lies sometimes a faster comprehension. One of these liberties will be the lighter writing, prone to bring smiles on the readers’ lips. Another might be the fast-forward (fast-backward, in this very case) approach, which is suggested primarily by the almost non-existing translations of Romanian writings with “speculative fiction/SF” label on them. To present 200 years of literature, no matter how thin the niche might be, is a work for a storyteller, because there is the need to summarize subjects, novels, tendencies. That storyteller better brace himself and I, in his role, have to ask my reader for tolerance, promising I will not give away too many of an abstract term and judgement, letting the entry Romania from The Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction by John Clute, to end that mission (www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/romania).

One, two more things before we actually start storytelling about Romanian SF: unlike the “normal” history of a literature which starts at the beginning of the beginning, this pamphlet gives a fall back approach, considering that the present is more important than the past, without diminishing the causalities in all their extra- and intra-literary forms and without disrespecting any of the “Founding Fathers”, or Mothers, whomever they might have been. Also, unlike other (hi)stories, this would bring in the front line/front pages the other historians, critics and theorisers: without them to have fun storytelling the Romanian speculative fiction would be a multi-layered superficial attempt.

Download the PDF. Version:

Cătălin Badea – Short (Hi)Story of Romanian Speculative Fiction

12 pages long

First ISF short story – Liviu Radu (Romania)

In Short Story on May 1, 2012 at 11:56 pm

The International Speculative Fiction is proud to present “Digits are Cold, Numbers are Warm”, a short story by one of the best Romanian speculative fiction writers, Liviu Radu.

Liviu Radu has recently been distinguished with the “2012 Galileo Award for lifetime work achievment”, for the “extraordinary stories that he gave and still gives us…”

“Galileo Awards” Link

I would like to thank Liviu for his contribution to ISF, and Cristian Tamas for all his hard work promoting Romanian Speculative Fiction.

Roberto Mendes

ISF Editor in Chief

Liviu Radu


Digits are cold, numbers are warm


English translation by

Loredana Frăţilă-Cristescu



Of course, they’re all saying Teddy was a good man. He was. They don’t even know how good he was, and how much it had cost him to be a good man. What an ordeal his goodness meant to me. Yet I’m really afraid those guys are only saying nice things about him because one does not say anything else in times like this…

They are all in a hurry. Nobody is really grieving. I’m trying to restrain myself, to not show the despair that is slowly, slowly getting to me. What am I going to do without Teddy? The burden will be too heavy for me to carry alone. It brought him down, the kindest and most responsible of us all. I only made it this far through his support. How am I going to cope now?

My face is twisting; I am about to cry with self-pity. However, I catch the unforgiving look of young Joshua and realise his sarcastic expression is yelling: What has got into this crone? She’d better spare us with her hysterical fits! Young people are dying, people that had the entire life before them! That decrepit husband of hers should be glad he was put out of his misery, that the Lord took pity on him and took him to the land of light! If only she would rush to follow him so that we could be rid of the old hag once and for all!

The Lord is kind; he will take pity on me and let me follow my mate. He knows I’ve earned my right to rest and He has punished me enough for what I did. Yet who will take care of these insolent young people? Who will bring them the light, who will prepare their rest?

Download the pdf. version:

ISF – Short Story – Liviu Radu


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