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Book Giveaway – The Apex Book of World SF 1 and 2

In Article on January 24, 2013 at 3:50 pm


Dear ISF Readers, while you wait to be able to download ISF # 3 (TOC here), the ISF – International Speculative Fiction, in cooperation with Apex Publications, is hosting a book giveaway. We will be offering one copy of The Apex Book of World SF  and one copy of The Apex Book of World SF 2, both edited by Lavie Tidhar.

In order to become eligible to win those paperbacks  you just need to answer 3 simple questions (all the information can be found here):

(i) In The Apex Book of World SF 2, editor Lavie Tidhar collects short stories by science fiction and fantasy authors from…where?

(ii) How many short stories were published in The Apex Book of World SF?

(iii) And how many were published in The Apex Book of World SF 2?


  1. Please, send an email to correiodofantastico@gmail.com.
  2. In the subject line, enter ‘Book Giveaway – The Apex Book of World SF 1 and 2‘
  3. In the email, please provide your mailing address so the books can be mailed as soon as possible. (The winning addresses are forwarded to the publisher – Apex Publications –  who will mail it to you).
  4. The giveaway will end Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 (00:00 Portugal Time).
  5. The winners will be selected at random from those who provide correct answers to all the questions. They will be notified, and announced shortly thereafter.



Zombie Lenin by Ekaterina Sedia

In Short Story on January 16, 2013 at 6:55 pm


Dear readers, in association with Apex Publications, please find below the short story “Zombie Lenin” by Ekaterina Sedia, first published in Fantasy Sampler and republished in The Apex Book of World SF 2


Roberto Mendes

ISF Editor in Chief

Zombie Lenin

Ekaterina Sedia

“Zombie Lenin” @ Ekaterina Sedia 2007. First published in Fantasy Sampler.

Republished from the Apex Book of World SF 2


It all started when I was eight years old, on a school trip to the Mausoleum. My mum was there to chaperon my class, and it was nice because she held me when I got nauseous on the bus. I remember the cotton tights all the girls wore, and how they bunched on our knees and slid down so that we had to hike them up as discreetly as eight year olds could. It was October, and my coat was too short; Mum said it was fine even though the belt came disconcertingly close to my underarms, and the coat didn’t even cover my butt. I didn’t believe her; I frowned at the photographer as he aligned his camera, pinning my mum and me against the backdrop of St Basil’s Cathedral. “Smile,” Mum whispered. We watched the change of guard in front of the Mausoleum. Read the rest of this entry »

Roberto Mendes interviews Jason Sizemore (Apex Publisher)

In Interview on January 15, 2013 at 7:19 pm


Dear ISF readers,

It is with great pleasure that the ISF publishes today an interview with Jason Sizemore (Apex Publisher) about a series of books Apex publishes focusing on international SF titled The Apex Book of World SF and The Apex Book of World SF 2, both edited by Lavie Tidhar!

Also, there is a Book Giveaway coming up in cooperation with Apex. We will be offering everybody the opportunity to win a paperback of The Apex Book of World SF and The Apex Book of World SF 2!

And last but not the least, ISF will publish tomorrow the short story “Zombie Lenin” by Ekaterina Sedia, which was published in The Apex Book of World SF 2!

 Here is a brief introduction about Apex Publications and The Apex Book of World SF:

Apex Publications is a small press publisher based out of Lexington, KY dedicated to producing exemplary science fiction, horror, fantasy, and nonfiction. Their catalog includes anthologies such as the Dark Faith and The Apex Book of World SF series, novels and novellas like the upcoming What Makes You Die by Tom Piccirilli, nonfiction such as Starve Better by Nick Mamatas, and the Hugo nominated Apex Magazine. Read the rest of this entry »