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Lauriat, the World Fantasy Awards and International Speculative Fiction – Roberto Mendes interviews Charles Tan

In Interview on August 22, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Dear ISF readers,

We are proud to offer you an Interview with Charles Tan (World Fantasy Award nominee). 

Don’t miss the opportunity to read what Charles has to say about a variety of topics, such as his new Filipino-Chinese Anthology of Speculative Fiction,  his nomination for the World Fantasy Awards, his view on the International Speculative Fiction scene  and much more…

Roberto Mendes

Editor in Chief

Hi Charles, You seem to have been very busy: a nomination, for the second year running, for the World Fantasy Award (for the Bibliophile Stalker) and you have just released your new anthology, Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology. Congratulations! Really well done! Lets start by the nomination, How does it feel to be nominated for such a special award?

I’m honored, especially for a relatively unknown person like myself to represent both the Philippines and the contributions of blogging to the genre.

And what is the relevance of such a nomination for you?

Again, I’m honored and thrilled, but the honest answer is that life goes on as usual, regardless of the award nomination or not. Various projects are still underway, and I continue to do the various blogging that I do. It helps with the promotion to have “World Fantasy Award nominee” attached but aside from that, we do the work that we do not because we think it will win us awards, but because this is what we’re passionate about.

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10 Questions to Cristian Mihail Teodorescu (Romania)

In Interview on May 11, 2012 at 9:17 am

The ISF is proud to present an interview to Cristian Mihail Teodorescu, one of the great Romanian authors. This interview was kindly delivered to ISF by Cristian Tamas and it is a translation (by Cristian Tamas as well) of an interview made by Judit Lörinczy (Hungary) for the Romanian week on SFmag.hu. It is here published in English in its full extend for the first time. Some selected parts were published in English in SFmag.hu and the entire interview was published in Romanian on www.srsff.ro/ .

Many thanks to Judit Lörinczy for the great work promoting International authors on SFmag.hu.

The Editor in Chief:

Roberto Mendes

Cristian Mihail Teodorescu (Romania) : Interview for The romanian SF week (march 2012) – Judit Lörinczy (Hungary, SFmag.hu)


1. Why do you write science fiction and/or fantasy ?

It is maybe because this was always my favourite kind of litterature. Being at the same time a scientist, I feel intelectually well represented by this kind of knowledge, no matter if this implies an active role (i.e. a producer) or a passive (consumer) role.

2. When did you start writing, please, tell me a few words about your personal background, about your inspirations.

I start writing at the beginning of 1980s, when during my high school years. I already told you that my personal background is a scientific one, I owned a PhD degree in Chemical Physics and I was fascinated since I was about 10 years old by modern physics, i.e. relativity theory and quantum mechanics, especially by the fact that ‘normal’ people’s understanding was beyond these notions.

3. What did you publish until now, novel(s), short stories? What do you work on now ?

Until now I published two short stories collections. I wrote four novels until now, but did not consider yet that any of them is really ready to be published. I am working now on the improvement of the last one, who is some original continuation of Lem’s Cyberiad.

4. What are your favorite subjects, what do you like to write about? (If it possible, it would be good the hear about the main themes, the ideas of some published works, maybe a short plot of a novel also would be good. I think SF-F is the literature of ideas, and in Hungary we hardly would be able to get to know our Romanian colleague’s works, but we are interested in ideas… so what kind of ideas occupy nowadays the Romanian SF-F writers?)

It is impossible to give here a short answer to a such sophisticated inquiry, whereas a long answer is time consuming for me and for the readers as well, without bringing anything else than a wan idea of what it should really represent. I already mentioned continuating some masterworks in somehow an original way, by integrating modern litterary ressources (including textualism) and modern scientific conceptions (i.e. dark matter, parallel universes, modern puzzling theories of gravity etc.). Working on such a subject is quite fascinating. In my opinion, there are quite a few masterworks which might be ‘reloaded’ by integrating new ideas and significations in the existing framework.

5. What do you think, is the moral message important in a fantasy/science fiction story, or it’s only/main goal is to entertain the readers ?

I would replace ‘moral’ by ‘philosophical’ or ‘humanistic’ before answering ‘yes, it is important’. Entertainement is just the base rhythm, keeping readers connected to the story, but the finality – if any – is completely different.

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