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Dear Readers,



International_Speculative_Fiction 5 execution version

Epub Version

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You can download today the PDF file. Tomorrow you will also have access to the mobi and the epub files for free!

We are really proud to publish this issue with fiction by Thomas Olde Heuvelt (Netherlands), Francesco Verso (Italy) and Manual Alves (Portugal), news (the new Around the World Column with an  ISF Alumni department by Nas Hedron), interviews (At Home in the Wasteland: The Art of Sergi Brosa  by Saul Bottcher), reviews (The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2005-2010 by Sean Wright) and articles (Social Science Fiction by Hunter Liguore)!

Please download it and let us know what you think of this issue!

Good readings!

Roberto Mendes

Editor in Chief



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NUMBER ZERO: launched in June 2012 featuring 3 short stories by Alliete de Bodard (France), C.M. Teodorecu (Romania) and Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro (Brazil), 1 article by Fábio Fernandes (Brazil) and 1 interview by Cristian Tamas (Romania) to Judit Lörinczy (Hungary), plus cover art and illustrations by João Pedro Fonseca (Portugal).

Downoad it for free: ISF_issue_june_2012

NUMBER ONE: launched in November 2012 featuring 3 short stories by Joyce Chng (Singapore), Rochita-Loenen-Ruiz (Philippines), Marian Truta (Romania)  and 1 article by Stanislaw Lem (Poland), plus cover art by Rafael Mendes (Portugal).

International Speculative Fiction # 1 Free Download

NUMBER TWO: launched in December 2012 featuring 3 short stories by Nas Hedron, Ken Liu and Lavie Tidhar and an interview to Professor Rachel Haywood Ferreira. Cover art by Tomasz Maronski (Poland).

ISF 2 December 2012 Execution Version – Free Download

isf # 2

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Dear ISF readers, it is an honor to be, yet again, able to offer you the opportunity to expand your reading horizons! So many great authors, so many fascinating new worlds! Join us again in one more voyage full of sense of wonder! Oh, and Happy New year, this will be our year, you just wait and see…

Roberto Mendes

Editor in Chief

Okay here we are: The very first 2013 ISF issue. Great reading!

Ricardo Loureiro

Fiction Editor


PDF DOWNLOAD: ISF # 3 Download




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anthology-european-sf-cover-2_corrected (1)


ISF Magazine was nominated for an ESFS Award, in the “Best European Magazine” category!

We are really proud and happy with this nomination!

Europa SF (a great site about the SF scene all over Europe), to which I also contribute was nominated for Best Site and Fénix Fanzine from Portugal, a fanzine that has a place on my hearth (contributed for the number zero and edited the number one) was nominated for Best Fanzine!

The European Science Fiction Society is an international organisation of SF professionals and fans who are committed to promoting Science Fiction in Europe and European Science Fiction worldwide.

The first European Science Fiction Convention was held in 1972 in Trieste, Italy.

One of their aims is encouraging people who are active in SF-fandom with their award. The next awards will be decided at the Eurocon in Kiev in April 2013.

Roberto Mendes


Click here to see the nominations!


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ISF FICTION – João Ventura (Portugal)

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ISF_Logo_White in Black

The ISF team is proud to present a short story by João Ventura, a Portuguese writer.

Crop Circle Formation:
A (Super)Natural Theory[1]

João Ventura

Michael, who was an archangel, slowly drifting on a warm sunny day above the Earth, saw Tommy playing by the side of a pond. The little boy was throwing small pebbles into the water, producing ripples which spread in wider and wider circles from the point of impact. Being of an aesthetical mind, Michael was impressed by the simplicity and beauty of the wave patterns.

Sometimes Tommy would manage to make a pebble bounce once or twice on the water surface, causing very interesting interference patterns to appear. Michael would like to be able to do it himself, but, being a pure spirit, he couldn’t hold anything, including stones. And he went back to Heaven, slightly disappointed. (This “went back” should of course be read as a metaphorical mode of expression). This happened about the time William Shakespeare was writing his plays.

Emmanuel was an angel, therefore one step below Michael in the celestial hierarchy, but they were good friends. After learning from Michael the contents of the previous paragraph, he thought and thought about it. Being more scientifically inclined, he soon devised a satisfactory alternative to the “pebble throwing into the water” game.

It just happens that these creatures’ halos are very strong energy reservoirs. Emmanuel also preferred permanent to transient art forms, and about three centuries later (time is not that important in angelic matters), after doing some experiments on his own, he approached Michael for a demonstration of his “halo throwing into the field” game.

Emmanuel had tried several types of fields; but he had found wheat fields to be the most appropriate, because individual plants possessed a very strong angelic susceptibility. So he and Michael would throw their halos to the wheat field (again “throw” shouldn’t be taken too literally) and, although in the beginning they could only produce circles, with a bit of practice, varying the way the halos were projected (spinning, tumbling, rolling…) other kinds of formations started to be generated and wonderful patterns were formed on the field. One of the properties of the halos being their boomerangness, they would bounce back to the owner and the game could go on. Read the rest of this entry »

Book Giveaway – The Apex Book of World SF 1 and 2

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Dear ISF Readers, while you wait to be able to download ISF # 3 (TOC here), the ISF – International Speculative Fiction, in cooperation with Apex Publications, is hosting a book giveaway. We will be offering one copy of The Apex Book of World SF  and one copy of The Apex Book of World SF 2, both edited by Lavie Tidhar.

In order to become eligible to win those paperbacks  you just need to answer 3 simple questions (all the information can be found here):

(i) In The Apex Book of World SF 2, editor Lavie Tidhar collects short stories by science fiction and fantasy authors from…where?

(ii) How many short stories were published in The Apex Book of World SF?

(iii) And how many were published in The Apex Book of World SF 2?


  1. Please, send an email to correiodofantastico@gmail.com.
  2. In the subject line, enter ‘Book Giveaway – The Apex Book of World SF 1 and 2‘
  3. In the email, please provide your mailing address so the books can be mailed as soon as possible. (The winning addresses are forwarded to the publisher – Apex Publications –  who will mail it to you).
  4. The giveaway will end Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 (00:00 Portugal Time).
  5. The winners will be selected at random from those who provide correct answers to all the questions. They will be notified, and announced shortly thereafter.


Roberto Mendes interviews Jason Sizemore (Apex Publisher)

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Dear ISF readers,

It is with great pleasure that the ISF publishes today an interview with Jason Sizemore (Apex Publisher) about a series of books Apex publishes focusing on international SF titled The Apex Book of World SF and The Apex Book of World SF 2, both edited by Lavie Tidhar!

Also, there is a Book Giveaway coming up in cooperation with Apex. We will be offering everybody the opportunity to win a paperback of The Apex Book of World SF and The Apex Book of World SF 2!

And last but not the least, ISF will publish tomorrow the short story “Zombie Lenin” by Ekaterina Sedia, which was published in The Apex Book of World SF 2!

 Here is a brief introduction about Apex Publications and The Apex Book of World SF:

Apex Publications is a small press publisher based out of Lexington, KY dedicated to producing exemplary science fiction, horror, fantasy, and nonfiction. Their catalog includes anthologies such as the Dark Faith and The Apex Book of World SF series, novels and novellas like the upcoming What Makes You Die by Tom Piccirilli, nonfiction such as Starve Better by Nick Mamatas, and the Hugo nominated Apex Magazine. Read the rest of this entry »


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(i) Aliette de Bodard – The Wind-Blown Man

(ii) Cristian Mihail Teodorescu – The Death of Mr. Teodorescu

(iii) Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro – The Ethics of Treason

(iv) Article by Fábio Fernandes

(v) Cristian Tamas Interviews Judit Lörinczy

Cover art by João Pedro Fonseca

Dear ISF readers: you are now free to download our “baby” ;)

Thats right, we achieved our goal to publish the first number (number zero actually) in June. This means we had to work really hard in order to do so! But hey, we have done it! And I am proud to say it!

Now we will wait peacefully  for you to tell us what do you think of the magazine, what is great about it, what is not so great and what we really need to change! So, without further ado, download the Pdf. version (e-book version will be available in two weeks counting from today) and read it! Then get back here and leave your comments!

One thing is certain: International Speculative Fiction is here to stay!




ISF #1 Cover – November 2012

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Dear ISF Readers,

Here is the Cover for the ISF Magazine #1.

Our #1 will be available for free download really soon, and will feature fiction by Joyce Chng, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Marian Truta and an article by Stanislaw Lem, so stay tuned!

Cover artist: Rafael Mendes

ISF # 1 – Teaser 1

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ISF # 1 – Teaser 1

First page of “Metal Can Lanterns” by Joyce Chng!
Note that it is a preliminary version and, as such, it is subject to suffer amendments before publication date.