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Digital Art Painting Process

In Ilustration, Portugal on May 3, 2012 at 9:55 am

In our fist illustration post you could see the Lisbon 25th of April Bridge in the year 2220 (by German illustrator Hauke Vagt).

How awesome do you thought it was?

Pretty awesome I bet!

Here are the various “stages” of Hauke’s work:

You can click on the image and zoom in to better see the details.

Hauke Vagt sites:




Portugal in the Year 2220 – 25th of April Bridge!

In Ilustration, Portugal on April 30, 2012 at 11:27 am

The International Speculative Fiction isn’t made only of words!

I could not resist to show every one of you the magnificent illustration made by my friend Hauke Vagt (German Illustrator) to the presentation of Dagon (a Portuguese fanzine that I edit).

Do you want to know what the most amazing thing about this illustration is? It is actually Lisbon, in the year 2220. The bridge that you see is the Portuguese 25th of April Bridge when you look up from Alcântara (parish of Lisbon). The level of detail of the illustration is just astonishing, you can actually see, if you zoom in, the number of the flying vehicle (a Portuguese famous “Eléctrico”).

In that future Lisbon vending machines they are selling copies of “Dagon” and “Conto Fantástico” (the two magazines/fanzines that I created and edit).

What do you think of the illustration?