ISF Team

Editor In Chief: Roberto Mendes (Portugal)

I’m a 24 years old Portuguese Trainee Lawyer with a tremendous passion for Speculative Fiction.  I have created a Portuguese e-zine called “Correio do Fantástico” in 2008 and edited two Portuguese fanzines/magazines called “Dagon” and “Conto Fantástico”. I also edited “Vollüspa”, a recent anthology of Portuguese Speculative Fiction featuring 15 authors.

Fiction Editor: Ricardo Loureiro (Portugal)

So, a phone call later and I was left with the dreaded mission of writing a bio and, worse, pick a photo of me.

Well, I wouldn’t go so far as saying that along with watching paint dry and grass grow that may well be the most boring stuff anyone could ask of me but it surely it’s not far away from being that.

Usually I take out my satirical hat and promptly make something up along the lines of being someone up to no good. Strangely for this project I felt that was not the right aproach and after a lot of brainstorming with me and myself I came up with the solution. Incredibly I decided to play it safe and, for once, tell the truth. Or at least as near to the truth as anyone will ever get from me. So, without further ado here it is.

Born in the year of the Monkey, anyone who knows me can surely atest to the fact that from all the animals monkey is the most suitable to describe me. Always swinging from tree to tree, always looking for another prank, always making fun of everything and making a habit of taking everything in superficially as possible.

Well that describes me. As much as the iceberg we see above the waters describes the real iceberg beneath those same waters.

Because, you see, being a cynical, satirical, incredibly nauseating son of a bitch is only a third of what I am. The other two thirds you’ll have to discover through my work and what better place to judge it than right here at ISF?

Non Fiction Editor: Nas Hedron (Canada/Brazil)

Nas Hedron is an essential part of ISF. He is a writer, editor, and artist. He is the editorial half of the team at Indie Book Launcher. He also provides copy editing for each issue of International Speculative Fiction (starting with #2) and its annual anthology.

Nas’s story “Siren Songs in Deep Time” appeared in ISF#2. Each of his ebooks has its own home page, providing bonus material, videos, and updates, and in some cases a free PDF library.

(Non-Fiction Editor until ISF issue #2: Fábio Fernandes (Brazil)
Fábio Fernandes is a SFF writer and translator living in São Paulo, Brazil. His short fiction in Portuguese has won two Argos Awards in Brazil. In English, he has several stories published in online venues in the US, the UK, New Zealand, Portugal, Romenia, and Brazil. He also contributed to Steampunk Reloaded, Southern Weirdo: Reconstruction, and The Apex Book of World SF Vol. 2.  Co-editor (with Djibril al-Ayad) of We See a Different Frontier, an upcoming anthology of colonialism-themed speculative fiction from outside the first-world viewpoint for The Future Fire Magazine. Fernandes translated to Brazilian Portuguese several SFF essential works, such as Neuromancer, Snow Crash, A Clockwork Orange, Boneshaker, The Steampunk Bible, and is currently working on the translation of Robert Jordan’s A Wheel of Time. His articles and reviews have appeared in The Fix, Fantasy Book Critic, Tor.com, and SF Signal. Personal blog: The Cogsmith (http://thecogsmith.blogspot.com/). Twitter: @fabiofernandes)

Interviewer: Cristian Tamas (Romania)

Cristian Tamaș is a romanian essayist, translator and SF fan active within the speculative fiction domain since the 80s.

He was founding member of the Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society (SRSFF = Societatea Română de Science Fiction& Fantasy, www.srsff.ro/)  in January 2009, and coordinated the ProspectArt, the SRSFF’s SF club relaunched in April 2009 in Bucharest (Romania),  and the yearly Ion Hobana Colloquium.  He is a member of the Ion Hobana and a SRSFF’s jury Awards.

He is also Editor of  „Bella Proxima”, a trilingual croatian SF anthology, together with Antuza Genescu and Aleksandar Žiljak (Eagle Publshing House, Bucharest, 2012).

He had interviewed David Brin, Prof. Rachel Haywood Ferreira (Division Head of the International Fantastic division of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, Iowa State University, USA ; research focus is Latin American science fiction), Prof.Arielle Saiber (Bowdoin College, USA; research focus : italian science fiction), Mariano Martín Rodríguez (SF scholar, Spain), Alexandre Babeanu (Solaris awarded canadian SF author), Ugo Bellagamba (french SF author awarded with Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire & Prix Rosny ), and Judit Lörinczy , an interview that will be published in the first number of ISF magazine (hungarian SF author).

Head Designers:

Rafael Mendes (Portugal)

Hi my name is Rafael Mendes, also known as Designed Head. I’m Portuguese and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been working as a freelance Digital Artist for 5 years now and I am about to graduate as a Digital Artist student.  I love all about design, 3d models and cinematography. I have worked with Roberto in many projects, such as “Dagon Magazine”, “Vollüspa – Anthology of Portuguese Speculative Fiction”, “Conto Fantástico Magazine” and more.  I’m happy to be invited to this project and I will surely give my best to bring success to it.

João Paulo Sinal (Portugal)

I’m a 29 year old Communication Designer student and a corporal at the Portuguese Air Force. I was in the start team of “Correio do Fantástico” with Roberto Mendes but never got really into the Project due to massive life changing events. I like photography, digital painting and anything that relates with new Technologies. I’m very curious about everything and I’m a self teaching student in terms of software and hardware. Roberto invited me for this new Project and, although I’m dead with work from the degree, I’m going to do everything I can to contribute to the success of his new project.

Magazine Designer: Ana Ferreira (Portugal)

Ana Ferreira (also known around the internet as Adeselna Davies), is a Portuguese, English and German teacher that started in the magazine business as a slush reader for the Portuguese webzine “Nanozine”. Eventually she took over the design section and is now preparing an edition dedicated to Steampunk. Besides designing, Ana writes mostly short-fiction as a hobby and keeps the tradition of starting stories, but refuses to finish them. She maintains her blog “Illusionary Pleasure” dedicated to book reviews of every genre written in Portuguese. As inspiration, a lesbian Swiss writer Annemarie Schwarzenbach is always mentioned, as well as the Pre-Raphaelite and German expressionism period.

 Slush Readers:

Ana Cristina Rodrigues (Brazil)


Ana Raquel (Portugal)

I’m Ana Raquel (or Tomoyo, how some may know me from the Web) and I’m 21 years old. I have a degree in Education, but didn’t fit in that area so I’m currently studying Communicational Science. My first contact with the magazine world was with “Waribashi”, a Portuguese e-zine about Japanese culture (with which I’m completely passionate about).  I wrote  articles and helped in the organization.

I love reading, specially the Fantastic and Historical Romance, but I’m not very good at writing (seeing as I never seem to be able to finish any story I start).

Slush Reader and Proofreader: Diana Pinguicha (Portugal)


I was born in Lisbon, Portugal on the 6th of May 1989, but lived in Estremoz for the next eighteen years. I moved to Lisbon in 2007 so that I could take Computer Engineering classes at Instituto Superior Técnico and I have been there ever since. I live with my Persian and Maine Coon cats, Sushi and Jubas, who’re the cutest kitties in the world!

Editor of the Official Facebook Page: Alexandra Rolo (Portugal)

Alexandra Rolo was born in the great year of 89, in Lisbon and is a history college student that always loved to try new things, to write poetry and, more recently, to write short stories. She is a bookworm and a blogger also known as Pantapuff. She was always curious about social networks, and manages several Facebook accounts, she also collaborates with a few other blogs besides her own. She might be the one who caused the death of some blogs, but, so far, there aren’t any proofs of that. She is one of the founders of a Portuguese Webzine (Nanozine) and the author of a couple of poetry books. Usually she can be seen with phones in her ears and her kindle in one hand while the other has her cell phone, that one day might be seen flying out of some window.

Pod Cast Director: Joana Fernandes (Portugal)

Since I was born, 27 years ago, I’ve been passionated by literature. Now I decided to use my professional skills spreading the work of unknown authors. I studied journalism and worked on a national Radio for a short time. Now, I’m Project Coordinator on a Communication and Events Agency. I’m currently working on a book that should be realeased by the end of this year and that I wish can be a very personal tourist guide of Rio de Janeiro.

Do you want to be a part of ISF team? Just send an e-mail to correiodofantastico@gmail.com with the subject “ISF Team” and tell us all about you and what you would like to do in ISF!

The ISF Consultant Panel: 

Ellen Datlow

Ellen Datlow has been editing science fiction, fantasy, and horror short fiction for over thirty years. She was fiction editor of OMNI Magazine and SCIFICTION and has edited more than fifty anthologies, including the annual The Best Horror of the Year, Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror, Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy, Blood and Other Cravings, Supernatural Noir, Teeth: Vampire Tales, and After: Dystopian and Post-apocalyptic Tales  (the latter two young adult anthologies with Terri Windling).

She’s has won nine World Fantasy Awards, and has also won multiple Locus Awards, Hugo Awards, Stoker Awards, International Horror Guild Awards, Shirley Jackson Awards, and the 2012 Il Posto Nero Black Spot Award for Excellence as Best Foreign Editor. Datlow was named recipient of the 2007 Karl Edward Wagner Award, given at the British Fantasy Convention for “outstanding contribution to the genre” and was honored with the Life Achievement Award given by the Horror Writers Association, in acknowledgment of superior achievement over an entire career.

She lives inNew York. More information can be found at http://www.datlow.com or at her blog: http://ellen-datlow.livejournal.com/. You can also find her on twitter.

Paul Di Filippo

Paul Di Filippo began reading science fiction at the age of five, when he encountered his first Mighty Mouse comic.  He published his first story in 1977, and has since become responsible for thirty books under his byline.  He hopes to keep at this game for some time yet.  His tastes in fantastika are omnivorous.

Available Positions:

News Editor for the Site 

Slush Reader

Copy Editor

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