ISF Download

NUMBER ZERO: launched in June 2012 featuring 3 short stories by Alliete de Bodard (France), C.M. Teodorecu (Romania) and Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro (Brazil), 1 article by Fábio Fernandes (Brazil) and 1 interview by Cristian Tamas (Romania) to Judit Lörinczy (Hungary), plus cover art and illustrations by João Pedro Fonseca (Portugal).

Downoad it for free: ISF_issue_june_2012

NUMBER ONE: launched in November 2012 featuring 3 short stories by Joyce Chng (Singapore), Rochita-Loenen-Ruiz (Philippines), Marian Truta (Romania)  and 1 article by Stanislaw Lem (Poland), plus cover art by Rafael Mendes (Portugal).

International Speculative Fiction # 1 Free Download

NUMBER TWO: launched in December 2012 featuring 3 short stories by Nas Hedron, Ken Liu and Lavie Tidhar and an interview to Professor Rachel Haywood Ferreira.

ISF 2 December 2012 Execution Version – Free Download

isf # 2




NUMBER 3: Launched in January 2013 featuring short stories by Crystal Koo, Simon Jones, Fernando Pina and Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro and an article by Jess Nevins. Cover art by Hauke Vagt.


PDF DOWNLOAD: ISF # 3 Download


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