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Dear ISF Readers,

It is with the utmost pleasure that the entire ISF Team presents to you the “ISF # 1”.

3 marvelous pieces of fiction by Joyce Chng, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz and Marian Truţă and an amazing article by Stanislaw Lem! What are you waiting for?

Wait no more, download this free Magazine and start reading it!

International Speculative Fiction # 1 – Free Download Here



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  2. […] And while I am reminding you about things, if you haven’t already done so then you can pick up a copy of International Speculative Fiction #1 as a free PDF download here. […]

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  5. […] az ISF magazin első száma, benne többek között egy írás Stanislaw Lemtől is. PDF, ingyen van, adjátok tovább […]

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