ISF Interviewer – Cristian Tamas

In Interview on June 11, 2012 at 10:51 am

The ISF Team continues to grow in quantity and quality! Cristian Tamas, from Romania, is the official interviewer for the ISF site and magazine. You can expect great interviews to international authors, as well as to scholars, literary critics, editors, promoters and fans.

Cristian Tamaș is a romanian essayist, translator and SF fan active within the speculative fiction domain since the 80s.

He was founding member of the Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society (SRSFF = Societatea Română de Science Fiction& Fantasy, www.srsff.ro/)  in January 2009, and coordinated the ProspectArt, the SRSFF’s SF club relaunched in April 2009 in Bucharest (Romania),  and the yearly Ion Hobana Colloquium.  He is a member of the Ion Hobana and a SRSFF’s jury Awards.

He is also Editor of  „Bella Proxima”, a trilingual croatian SF anthology, together with Antuza Genescu and Aleksandar Žiljak (Eagle Publshing House, Bucharest, 2012).

He had interviewed David Brin, Prof. Rachel Haywood Ferreira (Division Head of the International Fantastic division of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, Iowa State University, USA ; research focus is Latin American science fiction), Prof.Arielle Saiber (Bowdoin College, USA; research focus : italian science fiction), Mariano Martín Rodríguez (SF scholar, Spain), Alexandre Babeanu (Solaris awarded canadian SF author), Ugo Bellagamba (french SF author awarded with Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire & Prix Rosny ), and Judit Lörinczy , an interview that will be published in the first number of ISF magazine (hungarian SF author).

In his words, he joined ISF because:

“International Speculative Fiction is an important project for all involved parties within the non-anglophone SFF field, I wish it will have a lot of success, fully deserved due to it’s amplitude, generosity and originality.”

Thank you very much Cristian, and welcome to the team!

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