ISF Fifth Short Story – Judit Lörinczy (Hungary)

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Welcome to the first day of June, the Children’s Day in 27 Country’s around the World. Here in Portugal the sun is blessing us with warm days and our streets and cost line’s are  full of people!  For me it is always a pronounce of a great day, when the sun shines like this, reveling all the beautiful colors our Universe as to offer! The first short story of the month is called “Colors of Creation” and was written by Hungarian writer and painter, Judit Lörinczy. It  is all about the Sun and the colors… presented as a story teller would do to their grandchildren or to the grandchildren’s of others! And today, as the sun shines on me, I just want to feel like a small child, reading a beautiful fantasy story. Care to join me?

Roberto Mendes

Editor In Chief

The colors of Creation 

Judit Lőrinczy 

Translated by Ágnes Körmendi and Judit Lőrinczy

Our eyes were created to be like God’s and God said, ‘Let the light come from your eyes, let it shine upon the world, let it dye the grass Green, the sea Blue, let the colors calm your senses. Shine, with Red light upon the blood as a warning, and also upon the twilight sky, to show when my Eye, the Sun, falls under the horizon of my lid.’

Our eyes opened and the world was filled with colors. Let the leaves be green, and they became Green, let the sand be yellow, and it became Yellow. Our skin was sweet Brown on sheets of Lilac and Purple.

We named the world with colors and gained knowledge of everything, and God shone upon us with His Lightning Eye, that it was good.

‘These are all God’s colors. What are yours?’ asked the Voice and it scared us. Our light could not see its source.

Yet the challenge had to be answered.

‘Green! Blue! Red! Their sweet children Yellow, Lilac…’

‘Sea is not blue, grass is not green,’ replied the Voice. ‘You are not only brown, either.’

‘The sea is Blue, the grass is Green!’ echoed our choir.

‘What is my color?’ asked the Voice.

We cast our light on it and said:

‘You are Blue.’


‘No, Red.’

‘My light shows Yellow.’

Others said Lilac, Purple, and Brown.

The Voice shouted ‘I am all of these!’

We wondered how something other than God could have all these colors. We turned to God and asked why we only had one color. God replied ‘You all live in the White Light of my Eye.’

The Voice said ‘Blend the colors, and then you’ll have all the colors God has!’

‘God, what should we do?’

But Blue and Red had already blended, and all the complementary colors and tints and shades went with them. There was nothing left but Yellow, and that could not hold out much longer.

Then the light went out in our eyes, and the Voice named itself Black.


About the Author: [To be published as soon as possible]

Don’t miss the opportunity to read a great interview to Judit Lörinczy in the first number of the ISF Magazine, to come out this month!

All rights reserved by the author!

Picture: Painted by the author, all rights reserved.

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