Editorial – May 2012!

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First Editorial – May 2012!

Oh, my first ISF Editorial. Where to begin?

Let me just take a moment: “tap…tap…tap…opens the window, breathes deeply, mouth opened, arms spreaded: YESSSSSSSSS! Woho! Woha!”.

Ok, now we can really begin: it was certainly an intense first month for me and for everybody involved in ISF but, we believe, it was a great kick start towards success.

The first month is always the hardest one, but it felt so good! Even though we have just started, we have been visited by thousands of readers and we have been getting great feedback. So, without further ado, here is my “thank you” to every one of you that took the time to visit ISF and to read our short stories, articles and interviews.

Although the project started with all the team positions available, we were blessed with awesome short stories, articles and interviews featuring great international authors. ISF successfully published authors with different points of views regarding genre fiction and non-fiction. We are really proud of that achievement. We have surely learned how to walk. Now that the ISF Team is almost complete, we are ready to run! Hopefully, by the time we get the magazine to come out, we will be able to fly! 😉

And since we are talking about the magazine, here goes some info: the e-book magazine will be launched until the end of June featuring international acclaimed authors and new voices as well. The table of contents it’s closed and will feature authors like Aliette de Bodard and Cristian Mihail Teodorescu. And for a little bit of inside information, let me just say that the layout of the magazine is getting awesome!

In terms of short stories we have reached our expected goal for the first month:  4 short stories featuring Liviu Radu from Romania, Lavie Tidhar from Israel, Aliette de Bodard from France and Regina Catarino from Portugal.

As for the non-fiction section you can read about Science Fiction in Portugal and Croatia, as well as learn all about Speculative Fiction in Romania. Also, Judit Lörinczy presents a great interview to Cristian Mihail Teodorescu.

Well, that’s it for the site! New material will come out in June, just stay tuned 😉

This first editorial could not end without speaking about the ISF Team. Fábio Fernandes is the Non-Fiction Editor, João Paulo Sinal and Rafael Mendes are the Head Designers of the site, Joana Fernandes is the Pod-Cast director, Alexandra Rolo is the editor of the official ISF Facebook page, Ana Cristina Rodrigues and Ana Raquel Margato are the slush readers and Ana Ferreira is the Magazine Designer. Also, Ellen Datlow and Paul di Filippo joined the ISF Consultant Panel!

So let me just find the best word to describe the project, the authors, the readers and the team altogether… hum… “great”? No, not strong enough! “awesome”? Sure, but still not good enough! “Wonderful”? Absolutely, but we are still not there… well, I will have to borrow from Disney: Supercalifragelisticexpialidozo! That’s it!


So, have you talked/blogged/tweeted/posted about ISF? Yes? Thank you so much! No? Than what are you waiting for?

Roberto Mendes

Editor in Chief

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