Ellen Datlow – ISF Team

In News on May 25, 2012 at 10:40 am

Yes, it is true: the ISF Team is almost complete! Therefore, we will start publishing some small presentation texts of each new member of the Team. First we present to all of you readers and enthusiastic’s of ISF the first text by Ellen Datlow. I am delighted that Ellen accepted my invitation to be a part of the ISF Consultant Panel. She will definitively help us to improve!

So, on behalf of ISF,  thank you very much Ellen!

Roberto Mendes

“Although I’ve edited novels by Jonathan Carroll and Paul McAuley, I’m primarily a short story editor. I’ve edited science fiction, fantasy, and horror for OMNI Magazine and OMNI online, for Event Horizon (a webzine), and SCIFICTION, the fiction section of the SCI FI Channel’s website. In addition I’ve been editing anthologies of reprint and original material solo, and with various co-editors (most often with Terri Windling). I edited the horror half of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror for twenty-one years and have been editing The Best Horror of the Year going on five years. Having done so, I’ve probably read (or at least skimmed) almost every horror story published in the past twenty-five years.

During my years at OMNI Magazine I published a couple of Japanese stories and a Russian story appearing in English for the first time. During my travels and on the internet I have met genre writers in Romania, Israel, Philippines, Finland, Poland, the Ukraine, India, France,  Japan, and other countries.

Although US short story editors have always been interested in publishing non-English language stories in our magazines and anthologies, the cost and difficulties of getting good translations has been a major sticking point. So it’s with great pleasure that this has begun to change in the past five years. A new generation of genre writers whose first language is not English has increasingly made their presence known to English readers and are bringing fresh perspectives to the fields of the fantastic.

I’m delighted to support the new webzine, International Speculative Fiction, which is dedicated to bringing free international fiction to readers.”

Ellen Datlow


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  2. Great news about Ellen, well deserved!

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