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Portugal in the Year 2220 – 25th of April Bridge!

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The International Speculative Fiction isn’t made only of words!

I could not resist to show every one of you the magnificent illustration made by my friend Hauke Vagt (German Illustrator) to the presentation of Dagon (a Portuguese fanzine that I edit).

Do you want to know what the most amazing thing about this illustration is? It is actually Lisbon, in the year 2220. The bridge that you see is the Portuguese 25th of April Bridge when you look up from Alcântara (parish of Lisbon). The level of detail of the illustration is just astonishing, you can actually see, if you zoom in, the number of the flying vehicle (a Portuguese famous “Eléctrico”).

In that future Lisbon vending machines they are selling copies of “Dagon” and “Conto Fantástico” (the two magazines/fanzines that I created and edit).

What do you think of the illustration?

Science Fiction in Portugal – 80’s and 90’s

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Science Fiction in Portugal

The Drawing up of a Territory

Teresa Sousa de Almeida

(Translated by David Prescott)

In memory of José Diogo Nazareth Sousa de Almeida, (1924-1997)

(originally published here)

This work intends to present the outlines of science fiction and of a certain fantastic literature related to it, having a reference in the national space in which it has been produced (Portugal). Although it contains a sort of introduction, it is mainly focused upon the production of the eighties and nineties, in which there has been a slight defining of a new paradigm. It does not aim at drawing up a history, but at simply defining some guidelines for reading. This is not a question of going from world SF in order to refer to its reflections; on the contrary, the aim was that of reading the greatest number of texts possible in order to present some questions which seemed essential. It is a carefully studied journey based on the critical reading of dozens of books, on a study of some of their authors, and on the probably subjective choice of some individual cases.

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Welcome to the International Speculative Fiction

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How great would be to be able to read non-anglophone Speculative Fiction on a regular basis? And how awesome would it be to do it for free?

You can find out here, in the official site of International Speculative Fiction!

But what exactly is International Speculative Fiction?

International Speculative Fiction (“ISF”) is an e-zine with free online distribution every 3 months featuring Speculative Fiction exclusively of International authors (non-anglophone authors).

ISF will publish 3 to 4 short stories per number, as well as one article and one interview!

Also, ISF will publish in its site a short story and an article every two weeks!

We are also aiming to publish a series of articles about the Speculative Fiction scene in various country’s. Our first article is called “Science Fiction in Portugal – The Drawing up of a Territory” by Teresa Sousa de Almeida.

The above mentioned article presents the Portuguese Science Fiction production in the last two decades of the 20th century!

Check out the submissions guidelines and start submitting!

The Editor In Chief,

Roberto Mendes